America ready for unprecedented serious talks – Trump

January 9 Kathmandu.
Despite tensions between the two countries over the past few days, the US has said it was ready to hold serious talks with Iran.

In a letter to the UN, the United States claims the killing of Iranian senior military leader Qasim Sulaimani was necessary for self-defense. Iran had fired missiles at two US military base camps in retaliation for the assassination. Iran also told the UN that it had launched its defense. Yes.

Sulaimani was considered very powerful in Iran. He was seen as the policy-maker of Iran. Millions of Iranians attended his funeral. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described the missile attack as a rocket to the US and said the US presence in the Middle East should end. Even revenge have said.
US Vice President Mike Pence is talking to CBS News that Iran has told those groups not to attack the US. On Thursday, the lower house of the US parliament voted to control President Donald Trump’s right to sanction war against Iran without parliament’s permission.

What’s in the US Letter?

In a letter to the UN Security Council, US envoy Kelly Kraft said the US was ready to hold talks aimed at protecting the United States from further threat to international peace and security, and to prevent tensions that could lead to Iran.

The latest news on the US and Iran tensions is reported by BBC.

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