Demand with the government a paper showing the existence of a sovereign Nepal

January 2,Kathmandu .Nepal NewsCenter Correspondent
The Supreme Court has demanded from the government all the available documents, including documents submitted by the UN when it was a member of the United Nations, on the boundaries, maps and regions of Nepal.
Such a treaty, map or document is the highest demand if the Government of Nepal submitted its membership to the United Nations in 1979 and when it was a member of other international or regional organizations. If any treaty, map or document showing the existence of a sovereign Nepal is submitted, the order is to be submitted in a written reply as a schedule. The Supreme Court on Wednesday demanded historical papers to dispose of boundaries, maps and area disputes based on fact-based evidence.

Judge Hari Phuyal’s single sitting order has been compiled and submitted to the historical document even after the Sugauli Treaty. The Supreme Court’s order states that a schedule, copy and official map of Nepal with the then East India Company be submitted within 3 days.Photo source – Google

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